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  • Planets in "big" illness and major trauma

    By Karen Elaine | April 2012

    You've been stunned by an illness such as cancer or other "biggie", surprised yourself at having been so positive and productive during treatment

  • Pluto In Capricorn

    By Karen Elaine | Updated April 2012

    The astronomers have dropped Pluto from the guest list because it’s too small to be considered a planet. Traditional and medieval astrologers consider Pluto as a fixed star with less power than acknowledged by modern astrologers.

  • Q & A – Astrology Facts

    By Karen Elaine | September 2011

    I appeared on TV recently and a number of listeners wrote in with the following questions.

  • Astrology has a way to assess your self-worth

    By Karen Elaine | December 2010

    The horoscope is divided into twelve sections known as houses, with each house illuminating how the planets influence specific areas of your life (an accurate birth time is vitalto delineate these 12 houses).

  • Astrology and little people

By Karen Elaine | June 2010

Astrology is an indication of your perception, not a map of what will and won't happen to you. When you consult an astrologer, you dialogue your potential to see how best to use what works for you to assist in situations where you're not coping.

Astrology for children is no different. The danger, however, is moulding the child to fit the astrologer's “prediction” on the potential. The “prediction” may even be the parent's interpretation of the astrologer's advice.

  • One astrological tool to cope with problems

    Published: May 2010

    When challenging times confront us it’s difficult to be positive and see them as pathways to growth. But let’s face it – adversity is life’s pencil sharpener and major set-backs often stimulate life-changing “ah-ha” moments and move us into new directions.

    So how can astrology help us cope during these demanding times?

    Here’s one method - simplified so you, the client, can understand…

  • Responsibility starts with you

    Published: September 2009

    I get many calls from clients with control issues with partners and spouses, parents and children and in the office.

    The usual planet to scrutinize is Saturn, planet of boundaries, respect, and responsibility. Client and astrologer discuss Saturn, dialogue past experiences and discuss ways to overcome control issues. Sometimes the horoscope even goes so far as to disclose that the client is the control problem.

  • Don't Blame the Planets

    Planets are not responsible for events.

    If they were, all those with Uranus up their anus would experience a disaster at the same time. Planets influence interaction with our environment and our reaction to events.

    The horoscope enables us to take a closer look at occurrences in our lives and investigate a better understanding of whatever's happening to help us cope and move forward. We look at the essence of the planets and their placement in our horoscope and see how best to take advantage of their influence to enhance our lives and maybe even learn a valuable lesson from the experience.

  • Astrological look at acceptance and forgiveness

    Astrology looks at the planets and their influence on our lives. In contrast to yester-year, rather than use this science only to predict, sophisticated modern-day astrology sees the horoscope as an aerial map of our potential to help our clients understand themselves better.

  • Astrology helped me cope with the loss of my husband

    I employ astrology to examine the positive aspects of your personality, to time events at the moment of the consultation and to see what can be learnt from your experiences. I never predict that you will or won't get married, lose a job or whether it's a good idea to take an overseas trip, because I don't believe I have the right to make decisions for you.

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