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Pluto In Capricorn

By Karen Elaine
Updated: April 2012

The astronomers have dropped Pluto from the guest list because it’s too small to be considered a planet. Traditional and medieval astrologers consider Pluto as a fixed star with less power than acknowledged by modern astrologers.

Personally, I don’t mess with Pluto and I’m more than happy to give him seat of honour at my table.

Pluto is nicknamed “Planet of Death & Rebirth, hence Transformation”. Death doesn’t imply physical death but rather heralds a new stage in our lives. As it happens, Pluto was involved in my husband’s fatal air-crash and what got me through that hideous landmark was my courageous expectation that TRANSFORMATION would bring growth of some kind.

What about Pluto in Sagittarius?

  1. Pluto entered Sagittarius in 1995.
  2. Sagittarius’ ruler Jupiter brings about “MORE”.
  3. Sag is associated with journalism, religion, the law, education, morals, travel and “the bigger picture”. Therefore more journalism, more religion, more law, more education, more…. Not surprising, therefore, that Pluto in Sag rendered the pen mightier than the sword.
  4. Pluto in Sag revolutionised the Internet, Twitter, Facebook. Lawyers are able to command humungous fees because only they can pry us from the jaws of journalism that commandeers the political systems.

And Pluto in Capricorn?

  • Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008 and will hang around until 2023.
  • Capricorn is about cause and effect, responsibility, who’s at the top and bottom of the food chain.
  • Capricorn’s ruler Saturn PULLS IN THE REINS.

My thoughts on Pluto in Capricorn

A few months before Pluto entered Capricorn, I predicted on a well-known radio station that Pluto’s partnership with Capricorn would bring about ACCOUNTABILITY.

I believe Pluto will ensure we pay the price for unsubstantiated information publicised not only by the media, but by individuals who wield the power to destroy at the swish of the mouse. Our mobile phones are now monitored; banks control our loans and keep tabs on who we are and how much we’re worth; journalists are summoned to court to back up their reports. And let’s not forget Capricorn’s PECKING ORDER where fat cats at the top of the ladder are licking their lips while those of us halfway up do our best to bring them down if they don’t perform: mass strikes that paralyse the economy or on a bigger scale marches such as the 2011 Egyptian call for resignation of their leader, not forgetting that media was restricted during the first days of the riots when the Internet was shut down.

It is now April 2012. Since writing this article in February 2011, Gadhafi has been taken out by the people, Selebi starts his 16-year jail sentence for corruption, Libya and Egypt have overthrown their governments. South Africa is fighting to stop the media blackout.

Shabir Shaik was sentenced - but released fraudulently Jackie Selebi was sentenced to jail - although he’ll probably be released as was Shaik. But at least they were sentenced. Yes, we have a long way to go - but with Pluto around until 2023, it’s a slow process. And as the years go by, maybe the convicted will stay in jail.

Julius Malema has been ousted from the ANC Youth League in February 2012 and having to deal with the consequences of his action.

So how does Pluto affect each of us?

As Pluto contacts planets in our individual horoscopes, we integrate major Capricorn-type change in our lives which in turn influences the whole planet on some level, big or small. The astrology chart shows where this occurs in our lives. Astrology can help us anticipate and prepare.

Fighting change makes his passage through our lives traumatic; acknowledging and accepting change empowers us to participate in the outcome.

Astrology can help us anticipate and prepare.

Karen Elaine
Astrological Interpreter

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