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Astrology has a way to assess your self-worth

By Karen Elaine
Published: December 2010

The horoscope is divided into twelve sections known as houses, with each house illuminating how the planets influence specific areas of your life (an accurate birth time is vital to delineate these 12 houses).

Please refer to: How Do I find a birth time?

Astrology examines your VALUE SYSTEM in the Second House.


Western culture defines VALUES in terms of money. So if we assume Venus is positioned next to a difficult Saturn in the second house of your horoscope, this might explain why

  • you have money issues OR
  • you’re the financial director in a company OR
  • your controlling partner makes you feel worthless.

(these are but three simplified examples that don’t take into account the whole chart)

But value isn’t only about money.

  • Perhaps you  invest in your intellect, studying extensively or lecturing and thereby sharing your knowledge
  • Or perhaps your value is directly linked to your children’s success
  • Or your healing role as a health practitioner

to name just three alternates

An astrologer’s function is not to endorse what you know already about yourself. Our job is to dialogue when life isn’t running smoothly. One of our techniques is to find new ways to affirm your sense of self and revalue yourself to give you the strength to tackle life again.

Karen Elaine
Astrological Interpreter

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