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Planets in "big" illness and major trauma

You’ve been stunned by an illness such as cancer or other "biggie", surprised yourself at having been so positive and productive during treatment and only when the treatment ends, are you suddenly exhausted - physically and emotionally drained.

When the outer planets - Uranus, Neptune and Pluto - as well as malefic fixed stars - are involved in our personal lives, relating directly to planets in our horoscope, the “unnecessary” in our lives is stripped in the same way that leaves fall off trees to make way for spring blossoms and foliage.

I believe that our psychological growth is as or more important than physical recovery. Our intense fatigue or physical symptoms eventually prevent us from distracting ourselves and force us to examine and assimilate the bigger picture, grow and transform. How often do we injure ourselves to the point of confinement at the very moment of a life crisis?

If you've been ill, injured, lost a loved one, or experienced a major life challenge, take time off, think, feel, cry, worry and share with family, a friend or psychologist. If you don’t voluntarily take the time off, your body forces you to allow the bigger picture to unfold and develop and complete whatever transformation is part of the grand plan. The important ingredient is spiritual reconstruction and transformation.

Your astrologer can often identify and explain the planet/s involved in a life event, time when you can expect closure on the event and point you in the right direction for discussion with a professional counsellor.

Karen Elaine
Astrological Interpreter

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