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Article: Astrological look at acceptance and forgiveness

By Karen Elaine

Astrology looks at the planets and their influence on our lives. In contrast to yester-year, rather than use this science only to predict, sophisticated modern-day astrology sees the horoscope as an aerial map of our potential to help our clients understand themselves better.

The horoscope is similar to a helicopter report that warns of a traffic pile-up and suggests an alternate route. Following the advice will almost certainly facilitate your journey. However, you and other motorists could create congestion on the new road, or driving faster on the quieter road might result in an accident. In other words, while the suggestion to change your course is not a guarantee of success, there is the strong likelihood of more favourable results.

I find one of the main problems amongst my clients is difficulty accepting what they consider to be their weaker qualities. The media tends to portray “Mr. or Ms. Perfect” as the ideal Parent-AND-Spouse-AND-Worker-AND-Provider, able to juggle daily responsibilities and of course, maintain ideal weight and body image. As most of us certainly do not fall into this category, we tend to regard ourselves as failures. Yet how often does a successful woman's power in business result in difficult personal relationships? Consider, too, the gentleness of a man that makes him an attentive and caring husband and dad, yet hinders him in a competitive work environment? If everyone were a company executive, no-one would be available to clean our streets or fix our plumbing. The trick is to identify and honour both our weakness and strengths.

We are born with individual talents and characteristics and we attract people who balance our needs and personalities. Because the horoscope is divided into life departments, astrology is able to see just where we seek this balance.

As an example, let's take Bill Clinton. Here is a man excessively preoccupied with Libran social issues. He is rich in Air (mental) and lacking in Water (sensitivity) which wife Hilary balances with her powerful Scorpio and Pisces energy (both water). His excessive sociability stimulated Monica Lewinsky's obsessive emotional needs and self-focused energy via her career.

You have no doubt heard the expression, “ three sides to every story – yours, hers/his and what really happened ”. We have all been influenced genetically and environmentally since birth. We judge other people's needs, deeds and actions based on our own perceptions and expectations . Some of us feel emotions deeply, some discuss and intellectualize them, some act on them. Astrology corroborates that no one method is right or wrong, so long as the reasons and intensity are well-placed.

Sometimes our negativity towards self and others translates into anger . Anger is an escape hatch that stops us from assuming accountability and responsibility. We cast blame rather than experience pain. Anger can fester and as such, is unproductive. Because we get what we give, the victims of our anger respond to us negatively and the cycle continues.

Modern astrology combines thousands of years of statistics with psychology and theories. Because it is not labeled “therapy”, it does not carry the stigma of ongoing psychotherapy. As a matter of fact, the astrologer is sometimes able to identify the problem for the psychologist, even refining the moment when a significant life-changing event took place. By becoming aware of ourselves, and learning, too, why our partners and colleagues behave as they do, we understand ourselves and others.

Forgiveness is not about turning the other cheek, does not suggest we remain in an abusive situation and certainly does not imply that we forget. It is about putting past experiences in their proper place, changing our perception and expectation so as not to attract and repeat situations and to allow productive energy to fill the gap. It is about being gentle to ourselves, allowing ourselves to make mistakes and about opening ourselves to see situations as they are.

Astrology has its rightful place in this process as a means to identify issues and put them into perspective so we can move forward meaningfully and pursue our spiritual path.

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