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Article: Astrology helped me cope with the loss of my husband

By Karen Elaine

I employ astrology to examine the positive aspects of your personality, to time events at the moment of the consultation and to see what can be learnt from your experiences. I never predict that you will or won't get married, lose a job or whether it's a good idea to take an overseas trip, because I don't believe I have the right to make decisions for you. Nor do I deem myself skilled to know what life has in store.

So it was that I watched my own chart for some six years as Pluto, planet of " Death and Transformation " moved through my own chart. Death in astrology doesn't necessarily signify physical death; it can represent the end of an ideal or the beginning of a new phase in our lives. Around March 2001, I consulted a leading American astrologer because I was worried about my chart. We examined my horoscope and he thought things looked positive. I took his word because my husband and I were looking to move home after twenty years, he was selling his business and we were planning to travel extensively now that the children were bigger. It surely felt like a new chapter.

In June, my husband died in a plane crash!

Now came the true test. My astrology card states, " I HELP YOU FOCUS ON THE POSITIVE ASPECTS OF YOUR LIFE". Whatever difficulties my clients are suffering, my aim is to help them learn from the experience or show them some light at the end of the tunnel. Now it was my turn. Could I do the same for myself?

From 1996, Pluto in my chart signified emotional and spiritual death and transformation and a new sense of self . This was when I had begun my astrological studies (having never believed astrology before) and I learnt about karma, about man's place in the universe and the wonders of Life itself. The year's forecast suggested death and transformation around my values, either influenced by or affecting my spouse. Does Astrology work or what!

I interpreted transformation as optimism and although the tragedy had shaken me to the core of my being, I concentrated on working towards positive change. I worked hard at adopting the personality traits that I had admired in my husband and within two years I learnt to be charitable, outgoing and independent.

I knew that while we cannot control events in our lives, we can influence our reaction to them. My knowledge of astrology helped me understand that although Life had dealt me a heartbreaking blow, it was on course and death and transformation were "meant to be" and it was this awareness that helped me cope with the crisis.

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