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I appeared on TV recently and a number of listeners wrote in with the following questions.

A. If a number of people are born on the same day in the same place at the same time, are we all the same?
A. Definitely not. An astrology chart is not a fatalistic prediction of what will and will not happen. It’s a map of potential and it’s up to us how we use that potential, 100% influenced by genetics and environment.
So if one person has the potential of a great athlete yet is born with one leg shorter than the other, his athletic potential is compromised. This doesn’t mean the end of that road for him; he may work hard to compete in spite of his disability, or take up a career that works with disabilities, maybe develop a prosthesis that helps people in his position.

Q. Does astrology rule out God?
A. Definitely not. Astrology is not a religion. In fact, many astrologers believe the Sun to represent the Almighty and the moon His hand-maiden.
Provided one has the correct birth time, place and date, astrology works whether one believes in it or not.

Q. Why is the birth time so important?  
A. The horoscope is divided into twelve sections with each section representing an area of one’s life, based on statistics taken over thousands of years. Unless we have your correct birth time, we don’t know how to turn the chart and where each planet plays out in your life.
We each have all the planets and all the zodiac signs in our horoscopes. Born at one time, you may play out your Capricorn Venus in your marriage while someone born a few hours earlier or later may use her Capricorn Venus in her career or as a way to make herself feel secure.

Q. So what if I don’t know my birth time?
This is equated to knowing someone is a South African without details on whether he is rich or poor, educated or uneducated, pre- or post-apartheid, Black White or Indian or even if he resides in the country.

Q. Is there a way round this?
A. There is a system called Rectification that takes past events and tries to calculate a birth chart so that most of these events can be “seen”. It is not fool-proof and not always possible. Rectification is one of the services I offer.

Q. What if a baby is born by Caesarean section before due-date?
A. The baby is born at the right time regardless of when we were expecting the birth. The birth time is taken at the moment of the first breath.

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