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Astrology and little people

By Karen Elaine
Published: June 2010

What is astrology?

Astrology is an indication of your perception, not a map of what will and won't happen to you. When you consult an astrologer, you dialogue your potential to see how best to use what works for you to assist in situations where you're not coping.

So what about astrology for children?

Astrology for children is no different. The danger, however, is moulding the child to fit the astrologer's “prediction” on the potential. The “prediction” may even be the parent's interpretation of the astrologer's advice.

When my son was young, there was no possible way I could have foreseen his interest and career in computers as the computer world didn't exist then. Imagine if an astrologer had told me that he should become an architect and I had influenced him in that direction rather the one he followed instinctively. Many parents tell me they wouldn't interfere but I prefer to avoid the possibility of their intervention.

So how can astrology help children?

When a family has serious personality disturbances, such as sibling rivalry or personality clashes between child and parents or teacher, astrology offers an extremely helpful tool. The astute astrologer must be sure of the parent's genuine interest in the astrological viewpoint and take care not to plant any ideas that the parent might construe as compulsory direction.

So how does this work?

Each of us experiences all the planets and zodiac signs in our horoscopes. Say you know your child to be a Capricorn. This means that the Sun (that big yellow ball in the sky) was in the sign of Capricorn on the day he was born. But astrology is interested in all the other planets too in the horoscope, their relationship with each other, the role they play in specific areas of your child's life ( based on an accurate birth-time ) and how they weave your child's life tapestry.


Let's simplify the situation considerably and take a look at David - Born 5 February 2000 @ 05h28. Mom says that David deliberately challenges her on a daily basis.

We draw up his horoscopes on the computer, using his birth date, time and place.

We see that David has many planets in Aquarius. Aquarius is an air sign, so thinks and ponders. Aquarius is Saturn-based and doesn't like to be controlled. David is extremely independent and has definite ideas on how his world should operate. He is contrary by nature and it isn't necessarily his fault that he is argumentative. It's almost as though David's role on this planet is to make sure change happens. It's thanks to people like David that the wheel was invented and technology evolves. Mom would make her life much easier if she allowed David the freedom to make decisions, even if they don't agree with hers. She can be clever in coercing him to fit in with her. So perhaps if she wants him to dress appropriately for an event, she might offer him a choice of a few shirts she would be happy for him to wear and because he hasn't been hemmed in by her dogmatic instruction and feels he has some control over his dress code, he might be more accommodating. His teacher might want to let him work alone on projects which would form an integral part of the class activity. Aquarius operates as a loner within groups.

It's important to seek advice from a qualified astrologer to identify personality differences. It is then up to you to seek help from a psychologist or family counsellor to rectify the problem.

Karen Elaine
Astrological Interpreter

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