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One astrological tool to cope with problems

By Karen Elaine
Published: May 2010

When challenging times confront us it’s difficult to be positive and see them as pathways to growth. But let’s face it – adversity is life’s pencil sharpener and major set-backs often stimulate life-changing “ah-ha” moments and move us into new directions.

So how can astrology help us cope during these demanding times?

Here’s one method - simplified so you, the client, can understand…

Astrology isn’t as basic as the media portrays it to be. When you name your “star-sign”, you’re referring to the zodiac sign linked on the day of your birth to the Sun (that fiery ball in the sky). What many don’t realize is that every one of us has all the planets and all the zodiac signs playing out in our horoscopes. Our individual interpretation of these coupled with genetics and environment makes us unique.

Each zodiac sign has a planet in charge of it, called the ruler (so Mars rules Aries, Venus rules Taurus and Libra, and so on). Each planet activates specific sections of the horoscope (which is why the accurate birth time is essential to position these planetary activities correctly).

The astrologer examines the strengths and weaknesses of these planets and their relationship with each other to understand and discuss potential in the life arena that needs assistance at the time of your consultation and how to use the strengths to assist the weaknesses.

Client born 1 August 1973 in Johannesburg @ 22h55. The client’s marriage was in trouble.

We discussed her basic personality and her overall temperament to evaluate her reactions to past events and expectation of those yet to come.

We moved to Venus in her chart, not only because Venus refers to relationships in astrology, but because Venus rules the marriage section in her own horoscope (as plotted using her accurate birth time).

I looked at the planets Venus had an easy and difficult relationship with in her horoscope.

Her chart revealed my client to be her own worst enemy in the marriage due to poor self-esteem*

We explored avenues of communication* outside of the marriage that would fulfill her and ways to improve her sense of well-being, thus putting her in charge of improving her self-esteem instead of relying on her husband to boost her. *In her chart, Venus could have problems with self-esteem (2nd house), loves Mercury (communications) and Moon (emotions)

The astrologer’s role is to identify issues, not fix them

The astrologer’s role is to identify issues, not fix them, so I referred her to a human dynamics mentor to assist her in this direction. With time, the marriage difficulties were resolved.

Karen Elaine
Astrological Interpreter

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