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Many astrologers in the new millennium are counsellors not "fortune-tellers". We use the horoscope as an aerial map to see whether you are achieving your potential, and if not, why not. In this way, astrology offers insight into blockages and relief from long-term problems.

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Astrology is
not a map of what we should and should not do, but rather
an indication of our potential
with heredity and environment playing their essential roles
Astrology indicates what ideally "could be", not "what is".

Astrology is about potential

The astrological horoscope is an indication of ideal conditions. However, life is fraught with expected and unexpected trials and tribulations, complications, difficulties and obstacles.

I believe that we come into this life to deal with these obstacles in order to learn lessons from them. I use the horoscope to discuss the PRESENT by looking back at PAST events to prepare for the FUTURE.

This is by no means a prediction of the future, nor does it remove your choices and make decisions for you.

An accurate birth time is essential. (I offer a service to other astrologers to correct their clients’ birth time)

Please read Astrology Articles for further clarity and information on How I find a Birth Time


Example of awareness

A client was unhappy that her husband was never home.
Her horoscope revealed that because she needed space
in her relationship, she had subconsciously attracted a man who would give her this freedom. Once aware and accepting of this, she discovered ways of filling her spare time more constructively.

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