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Article: Responsibility starts with you

By Karen Elaine
Published: September 2009

I get many calls from clients with control issues with partners and spouses, parents and children and in the office.

The usual planet to scrutinize is Saturn, planet of boundaries, respect, and responsibility. Client and astrologer discuss Saturn, dialogue past experiences and discuss ways to overcome control issues. Sometimes the horoscope even goes so far as to disclose that the client is the control problem.

But there is another extremely useful diagnostic tool. We investigate the planets representing client and “rival” in question and compare how they relate in the chart, not only with each other, but with all the planets in the horoscope. We examine the planets they harm and which they get on best with and we help the client harness positive power from the “goodies” in the chart to counteract the “baddies”. To do this involves real-life “go-home-and-do” stuff, not just talk and advice.

An example is a client I had in a marriage crisis. Without going into the nitty-gritty of the astrological workings, by controlling and reducing her food intake, she improved her self-control and her relationship with her boss improved dramatically. On the surface, there doesn't seem a connection between health and boss. But dialogue with my client linked her lack of self-control to extremely low self-esteem, which made her vulnerable to abuse at the office. Detective work via the planets revealed the hidden story.

Please note that this is not cook-book astrology and should only be explored with an experienced astrologer.

Karen Elaine
Astrological Interpreter

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