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Article: Donít Blame the Planets

By Karen Elaine

Planets are not responsible for events.

If they were, all those with Uranus up their anus would experience a disaster at the same time. Planets influence interaction with our environment and our reaction to events.

The horoscope enables us to take a closer look at occurrences in our lives and investigate a better understanding of whatever's happening to help us cope and move forward. We look at the essence of the planets and their placement in our horoscope and see how best to take advantage of their influence to enhance our lives and maybe even learn a valuable lesson from the experience.

Let me explain by way of an example.

Let's take a hypothetical hiccough in your marriage:

Let's suppose that Venus in your chart influences how you value yourself. Let's suppose Venus in your horoscope is in the sign of Virgo and as such, is extremely uncomfortable. This Venus wants to explore her femininity but Virgo's influence is to either provoke your criticism of your husband or lead you to perceive that he constantly finds fault with you. The effect is that you doubt yourself and feel unworthy.

Now let's suppose the chart shows Saturn reaching the same degree as Venus in your horoscope. Saturn's transitory involvement with Venus brings the problem to your attention and aggravates the status quo enough to steer you towards seeking advice. You may not have realised this dynamic in your relationship and by becoming aware of it with astrology's help, you change tactic. You and I examine how you can utilise alternate engaging aspects of your and your husband's personality traits to overcome the obstacles. Without predicting whether the marriage will dissolve or recover, I am often able to time the event so you know how long you'll need to deal with the issue. At the very least, you learn your part in relationships with your partner and with other people in your life and you come away with something positive.


Saturn and Venus aren't creating the marriage problem. It's how you take up what they offer and astrology can help you define and refine your reaction to them.

Karen Elaine
Astrological Interpreter

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