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How do I find a birth time?

Importance of a correct birth time

Astrology - Finding your birth timeYour horoscope is segmented into 12 divisions, known as houses. Each house represents a different facet of your life. An accurate birth time enables the astrologer to understand in which arena each planet influences you. Without this information, the consultation doesn't give the complete picture.

I cast a chart

based on the events you give me to see how they fit into your horoscope. I keep turning the chart until I find one that corresponds with enough events to say, "OK, this birth time works".

Good Success Rate

I don't promise to always succeed, although I do have a 95% success rate, sometimes down to the second. Success often depends on how good you are at remembering significant events with dates (down to months if possible).

I offer a reduced fee to selected referring accredited South African astrologers and practitioners and email them your corrected birth time with an astrological justification of the calculated birth time.

What I need from you on the questionnaire I email you

  • At least one event from your childhood, one event in your teens, one in your twenties
  • Two or more events (spaced more than 3 years apart) over the rest of your life-span

Only events that made a difference to your life

For example, the birth of a baby is not significant, but f you were struggling to fall pregnant, it's very important. If someone close to you died and the impact was just the expected sadness, it isn't important; if the person's death meant relief, start of new independence, spiritual awakening, etc. then it's useful.

Each event must include

  • The month and year
  • One or two words to describe why the event was so significant in your life (such as identity confusion, new responsibility, freedom, fear, etc.)

If any of the events occurred around the age of 28-29 or 58-59 years old, I need an extra event.

It helps if you have an approximate birth time to start at.

How long does the birth rectification take?

Rectification can take anything from half-an-hour to many hours, depending on your memory of dates and whether we have a starting point. It is sometimes impossible to work out a birth time and because the process is time-consuming, I do not refund, even if unsuccessful. In fact, I work many more hours on birth times that are difficult. Please allow at least 4-5 weeks from the date I send you the questionnaire

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